iPhone Tips Revealed in Videos

The video “Hidden Details from the iPhone Keynote” by Actioncorp.net on YouTube hints at future strategies for Apple and describes in detail some of the iPhone demonstrations Steve Jobs gave at the Macworld Expo keynote speech in January.

It describes the Calendar app, which Jobs did not demo (because it was not ready). It also shows Google Maps in action, but there were no directions, or traffic information yet, just buttons for these things. Scrolling by flicking a finger is cool, but there is also an alphabet for tapping on a letter to move directly to that section of a list.

The video narrator points to a Ringtones tab in the iTunes dialog for updating the iPhone, and surmises that Apple will soon be in the ringtone business, selling top-name artist ringtones through the iTunes store.

See The New York Times columnist David Pogue’s “The iPhone Up Close” video on YouTube for an excellent view of the Steve Jobs reality distortion field working overtime at Macworld. Fortunately Pogue adds helpful commentary and has edited the video down to the essential parts of the demo. At the end he adds his own experiences with using the demo unit.

CBS News did an interesting report from the Macworld show floor, posted on YouTube. “A Closer Look at the iPhone” by John Blackstone includes a detailed demo by Apple VP Phil Schiller, who describes the iPhone as “the best iPod we’ve ever made.” He gave a detailed demo of the cover flow feature, scrolling album covers just like in iTunes.

For a wonderful parody, see “SNL — Weekend Update iPhone Special” on YouTube, produced by the Sat. Night Live folks.

For those with iPods and iPhone envy, check out “iPod Firmware Update” by Gizmodo, also on YouTube. It shows the iPhone-like cover flow feature working on a standard iPod using the scroll wheel. Expect this update to come out soon.

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