Interview with Tony Bove in XYZ Computing

The news about my book, Just Say No to Microsoft, is just hitting the Web. The book itself should be in stores by the end of this month.

XYZ Computing ran this interview on Sunday. The interview is six pages long — so click “Next” at the bottom to continue through the  pages.

The interview was picked up on Slashdot, the most prominent news and forum site for developers and programmers. This site is famous for its wild, anonymous comments; most interviewees get roasted — insulted and derided. The comments appear below the topic, usually “nested” so that you can see comments about the comments — it can get crazy with people trashing each other. The comments are ranked by unseen moderators, so you can choose to ignore the more out-of-topic ones (or the ones with bad language). Note that no one has actually read the book yet — they are responding to the idea of the book, and the interview.

Happy reading!



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