Mass Mac Migration

It’s no longer a mini-trend. Windows users are switching to the Mac. Some say it’s due to the success of the iPod; others say it’s due to malware problems with Windows.

Analysts are taking note. In the Apple Insider article Over 1 million Windows to Mac converts so far in 2005?, Kasper Jade writes:

The momentum generated by Apple’s iPod digital music players and related products continues to translate into new Macintosh sales according to one Wall Street analyst who estimates that over one million Windows users have purchased a Mac in the first three quarters of 2005.

In a research note released to clients on Monday, Needham & Co. analyst Charles Wolf said the number of Windows users purchasing a Mac appears to be far higher than the firm had previously anticipated…

According to checks with Apple Store Specialists, Wolf also said a larger than expected percentage of Windows to Mac converts appear to be purchasing Apple’s higher-end systems and that their transition is fueled by the epidemic of viruses and malware on the Windows platform.

Newly minted Mac users are popping up everywhere. In response to the above article, a reader named MacGregor describes Mac-envy in the Windows-dominated world:

I have spent the past few years in friendly banter over Wintel and IBMacs with me getting the advantage each and every time until they bring up price and games for the kids. Well last year, my PowerBook with iTunes blew away their desktop full of games even with the kids, and I could feel a shift in the wind. The Intel-ites started looking more envious and as they started using their cheapo mp3 players and using bad software with their cheapo digital cameras, they began thinking a switch was at least a metaphysical possibility if not a realistic probability.

Over at MacDailyNews, the Mac faithful responded to the column Mac takes bite out of Windows by Paul Andrews in the Seattle Times with stories about recently converted Windows users. In Windows sufferers: It’s not your fault, but it is your problem — switch to Mac, the editor writes:

The last person we personally helped to switch from Windows to Mac told us, to paraphrase, “It was literally obscene what I was doing to myself with Windows. Like strapping on 20-pound ankle weights to run a marathon when there is no such race requirement. This Mac is like pure magic in comparison…

By the way, regarding Bove’s use of the term “Windows sufferers,” way to go! We believe our own SteveJack coined this term using it, along with “Wintel sufferers,” at least as early as 1998 via online BBS discussions to quickly contrast with “Mac users.” If you know of any earlier usage, please let us know.

Actually, the “Windows sufferers” bit is Paul Andrews’ wonderful prose. My contribution, “it’s not your fault, but it is your problem” is from the 12-step program model pioneered by Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) in the 1930s — the most widely used and successful approach for dealing with addictive behaviors. One chapter of my book, Just Say No to Microsoft, provides all 12 steps. Here’s step 1: It is not your fault, but it is your problem. Admit you are powerless over your addiction — and that your computer system and software have become unmanageable.



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