You Know My Label, Look Up My Songs

So you want to upgrade EMI-labeled music you purchased from iTunes to the higher-sonic-quality versions without copy protection (when they become available in iTunes next month)?

Mac user? Try the tip “HOWTO: Another way to find EMI songs on your computer” by Erica Sadun. Missing from the instructions: the “Other” menu choice is available if you click the Kind button in the Find dialog. Unfortunately this tip works only for Mac OS X users.

What about Windows PC users? Windows XP search doesn’t let you search with such detailed attributes as you can with Mac OS X. I haven’t found any tips out there for searching Windows iTunes libraries properly (other than using iTunes itself).

Of course, there is also the problem that EMI includes other record labels. What of those songs whose copyright information lists one of EMI’s labels, like Capitol, instead of EMI? (Here’s a list of EMI labels. Good luck with that.)

All of which leads me to suspect that Apple will provide a way to search your iTunes library for purchased songs by specific labels. Perhaps EMI will promote this new capability through the iTunes store. Something has to give, here — EMI wants to make money on these upgrades, and Apple wants to see DRM-free music succeed. Look for this new capability shortly.

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