Scoble: Microsoft Should Read This Book

Robert Scoble, author of the very popular Scobleizer blog and Microsoft technical evangelist, had this to say about my book:

Every Microsoft engineer and product planner should read it.

Why? It’s a great specification for where our products fall short and demonstrates very well how our products and company are being perceived on the street.

If that was the extent of it (to be a bible to people who hate Microsoft, and to be a spec for Microsofties for how to improve our products) then that’d be a fine reason to have this book, but there’s more.

I actually am learning how to do stuff on Microsoft’s products that I didn’t know before. There’s a ton of tips in this book about how to use Microsoft stuff. Which, is sorta funny, given the title and premise for the book.

Thanks, Robert, for giving the book a fair review. A comment on his blog entry pointed out that I might want to consider writing “Just Say No to Sony” next. At Macworld this week, a number of folks suggested that I would write “Just Say No to iTunes”, but I would rather kill several birds with one stoney book: “Just Say No to DRM (digital rights management)”. Any publishers interested?

Scoble and I engaged in more bantering about Microsoft Vista, Microsoft technology, and Apple — see this topic and comment thread.

Other reviews have appeared in the blogosphere, some prompted by Scoble’s review and others appearing out of the blue. Check out:

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I was recently interviewed by Let’s Talk Computers, one of the longest running radio computer talk shows (since 1989) with hosts Alan Ashendorf and Sandra Ashendorf. Produced in Nashville, Tennessee, it is broadcast via radio in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Texas and New Mexico and on the web. Here is the audio of the interview in Real Audio or (ugh) Windows Media Player formats.

For a humorous take on going the other way, check out Switching to Windows — Not as Easy as You Think.


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