I Have Little Walter’s “Juke” on My iPod…

I was taken aback by The Jukebox Station, blinking its colorful LEDs and drawing a small crowd around its booth at Macworld Expo 2007 in San Francisco.

It looks larger than it really is — only 40 inches tall — but the retro style and wood enclosure combined with the LED lighting system is just too cool.

The Jukebox Station from Saffire-USA (distributed by Pacific Rim Technologies) houses a universal docking cradle for any iPod along with an FM radio and CD player. If offers a stereo amplifier with 80 watts delivered into a five-speakers system (two magnetically-shielded tweeters, midrange drivers, and a six-inch subwoofer). It sounded good on the showroom floor.

The Jukebox Station comes with an IR remote to control audio volume and iPod functions from across the room. It has RCA and 3.5 mm mini input jacks to accept other music players and sources, and RCA output jacks to connect to another stereo or recording device, as well as a 3.5 mm mini output jack for headphones. RCA Video output jacks are provided to play your iPod videos and photo slideshows on a television.

Like I said, I was taken aback. The iPod looked so cute nestled within that culture shock of a docking speaker system. If I had room for it in my office, the $700 price would not be a deterrent. The Saffire-USA iPod summary page includes a photo of a tabletop model, “coming soon”.

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