Apple at the Speed of Sound

Sir Paul McCartney and Wings will soon grace the iTunes Store pages with music that is digitized at a higher bit rate and not copy protected — thanks to the Apple deal with EMI and the settlement of the Apple-Apple Records dispute. Sir Paul’s new album, Memory Almost Full is available for digital pre-order now.

The iPhone has been granted FCC approval and the blogs expect Apple to be on time with the iPod-phone’s introduction. According to The New York Times, Europe is all abuzz over the iPhone and Apple may push forward plans to implement the so-called 3G (third-generation) mobile technology for the European market, if only to secure the right carrier (U.S. models don’t offer 3G). The iPhone will be available for sale by the end of June at 2,000 retail store fronts (Apple’s and AT&T’s).

The iPod will soon sport a force-sensitive touch-surface on the back side with the display on the front side, according to reports of a recent Apple patent filing. You’ll be looking at the display while your finger manipulates controls on the back to select menu options, music, etc. The design enables you to operate the iPod with one hand, selecting items and moving through menus without lifting your finger. It might even incorporate a virtual keyboard that you type on with your hand facing up rather than down as you look at the display.

Toyota is rolling out an integration kit this summer for plugging an iPod into the car glove box and using either the steering wheel or usual audio system controls.

So it is no wonder that as of this writing, Apple stock is soaring. Bear Stearns analyst Andy Neff gives it an Outperform rating with a price target of $143 per share.

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