A Song for the Apple Store Line

I don’t want to add to all the hype about the Apple iPhone (if that’s possible; it seems like an infinite hype loop). However I am obviously going out to buy one on Friday, June 29, so I’m adding my bit to iPhone Humor. In preparation for my sojourn to the end of the current line forming at my local Apple Store (or for some of us, our local AT&T store), here’s a ditty that, if everyone sings along, may inspire others to join you.

We’ve Got to Have iPhones Today

by Tony Bove
(Set to the tune “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” with apologies to Lennon and McCartney)

Here I stand, head in hand
Turn my face to the door
If it’s gone I can’t move on
From the line at the Apple Store

Everywhere WiFi’s there
Synchronize every day
We can use the Web for free
And we hear ’em say
Hey! We got to have iPhones today!
Hey! We got to have iPhones today!

How can I even try
Any other service plan
Hearing songs, seeing videos
With AT&T an Apple fan

How could Steve say to me
FedEx will find its way
Gather ’round all you clowns
Let me hear you say,
Hey! We got to buy iPhones today!
Hey! We got to buy iPhones today!

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