iTunes Pulls Over at Vista Point

Windows Vista has arrived, but folks using iTunes have to pull over — not to admire the view, but to fix authorization issues. Apple has released information in its Knowlege Base about iTunes running on Vista. Issues that occur with iTunes 7.0.2 on Vista include purchased songs not playing, iPod synch problems, iPod eject problems, failure to sync contacts and calendars with an iPod, and slow cover art animation.

The immediate solution fixes the problem of playing purchased songs (but not, apparently, the other problems). If you can’t wait for the next version of iTunes that will fix all the issues, and you’ve already installed Vista, download and run the iTunes Repair Tool for Vista after re-installing iTunes 7.0.2. The tool repairs permissions for files required by iTunes to play your iTunes Store purchases.

However, if you are brave and perhaps a bit foolish, try this fix I found in this thread of the Apple Support Discussion topic
(I can’t vouch for it; haven’t tried it):

From Vista, right click on the iTune.exe program icon located in the iTune folder in the Program File folder and select Properties. Click on the Compatibility tab and enable the “Run this program as an administrator” checkbox. Click on OK. Next time you run iTune it will automatically run under administrator privileges, this fixes the problem until Apple comes up with a Vista only version.

Meanwhile, here’s the official word from Apple on what to do if you are upgrading to Vista from Windows XP or 2000 and haven’t done it yet. Follow these seven steps to iTunes Vista heaven to ensure that iTunes performs adequately:

  1. Deauthorize all iTunes Store accounts.
  2. Enable Disk Use on all iPod models.
  3. Uninstall iTunes.
  4. Perform a clean install of Windows Vista (Highly recommended but not required).
  5. Reinstall the latest version of iTunes.
  6. Open iTunes.
  7. Choose Authorize Computer from the Store menu in iTunes.

That is all.

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