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  • Guides, tutorials, and help content for users and professionals
  • Quick-start guides, training courses, and API documentation for developers
  • White papers, marketing content, and product literature
  • Editorial and web/print production process management
  • “Dummies” books for users, developers, and media professionals


  • Strong aptitude for understanding technology and articulating its value
  • Proven success writing and managing technical documentation and training
  • Proven ability to manage media production, including online, video, presentations, and print
  • Expert on content management, audio, video, graphics, animation, project tracking, and social media
  • Accomplished, self-motivated, and influential communicator

Employment History

Expert Support at Google: Senior Technical Writer (current – 1 year)

Drove partner adoption of Assistant-related solutions with integration quick-start guides, and Assistant feature internal development with API documentation and reference guides.

Expert Support at Google: Content Strategist (1 year)

Drove partner adoption of e-commerce development with quick-start guides on developing web services using sets of APIs from a leading e-commerce company. The guides shortened the learning curve so that the company could get partners up and running faster and realize revenue sooner.

Expert Support at Google: Training Specialist (2 years)

Deem: Senior Writer and Technical Publishing and Training Manager (5 years)

  • Multilingual user help content and videos for travel-industry professionals helped increase by 5x the adoption of business travel and expense cloud services.
  • Administrator portal and reference guides for travel-industry developers reduced support calls by 75% and accelerated partner site deployments.
  • API documentation for e-commerce/offers developers drove adoption and engagement.
  • Company wiki (Confluence), release notes, and bug-reporting (Jira, Perforce) improved organizational learning and account management.

Book Author, Video Producer, and App Developer (ongoing)

  • iPad App Development For Dummies (book) and Non-Programmers Guide To Building iOS Apps (DVD/video)
  • Multiple editions of iPod and iTunes for Dummies and Adobe Illustrator: The Official Handbook for Designers — achieved Top 50 Computer Books status
  • Critical acclaim and excellent reviews for the Just Say No To Microsoft book
  • iPhone app in Objective C (Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users)
  • Five-star reader reviews for The Experiment, a novel

Freelance Writer (ongoing)

  • Helped position Check Point as a leader in mobile and cloud security with white papers on cyber-threat prevention. Examples: Zero-Day Protection: Block Unknown Threats, Humans are Your Weakest Link
  • Helped position Armis as a leader in enterprise-class security addressing unmanaged and IoT devices. Example: Agentless Device Security for Retail Environments
  • Improved BEA sales efforts by developing a portal for content, ROI calculators, and case studies.
  • Improved organizational learning for SumTotal Systems customers by writing technical briefs about learning management.
  • Generated leads for McAfee network security and virtualization products, Adobe secure forms and document delivery offerings, and PivotLink business intelligence solutions by writing technical briefs and data sheets for web sites and trade shows.
  • Improved Sun Microsystems’ competitive advantage by developing and managing customer success stories and case studies about virtualization, server consolidation, and big data storage.

Previous Positions

  • Marketing Director, BEA
  • Training Manager and Communications Manager: Live Picture (LivePix)
  • Editorial Director: NewMedia magazine, Publish! magazine
  • CD-ROM Producer: Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties and Macromedia Director (Random House)
  • Editor: Desktop Publishing, Macromedia User Journal, Inside Report on New Media
  • Columnist: Computer Currents, Prodigy, The Chicago Tribune Technology Section, PC Computing
  • Senior Technical Writer: Intel, Data General

Skills and Expertise

  • Android Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, other IDEs
  • RESTful APIs, JSON, XML, SOAP, Javadoc, Google Dev Site
  • Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, HTML, PHP
  • Git, Google, Perforce, Jira, Confluence Wiki, MediaWiki, DITA, Madcap Flare, RoboHelp, WordPress
  • Google AdWords, AdSense, Analytics
  • Adobe FrameMaker, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Captivate

Recognition and Affiliations

  • Society for Technical Communications First Prize Award for a programming reference manual
  • “One of the most interesting overviews of modern desktop computing history that’s ever been written… possibly a watershed event.” John Dvorak on Just Say No to Microsoft (Nov. 2005)
  • “Near genius at making complex ideas understandable.” Jerry Pournelle, BYTE (Dec. 1986)

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