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iPod and iTunes For Dummies, 10th Edition (Wiley)
by Tony Bove

  • “This book is a wealth of iPod information for those of us who are clueless!! I highly recommend it!”
  • “The book not only is well organized, but it is well written.”
  • “The book was easy to navigate and answered my questions without a lot of searching.”
  • “There are a lot of things you can do with an iPod that you might not realize until you read this book.”
  • “I borrowed several books from the library on iPods. This was by far the most informative, up to date and easy to use. It’s a great ‘go to’ book.”
  • “This should be the manual included with every iPod purchase. The book is well thought out and laid out well.”


iLife ’11 For Dummies: iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, iWeb, iDVD (Wiley)
by Tony Bove


Infinite Skills video

Non-Programmers Guide To Building iOS Apps (DVD, Infinite Skills/O’Reilly) by Tony Bove


Just Say No to Microsoft (No Starch Press)
by Tony Bove

    • “One of the most interesting overviews of modern desktop computing history that’s ever been written… possibly a watershed event.” — John Dvorak
    • “Tony Bove has a definite knack for noticing what’s important and succinctly explaining it.” — A.P. Lawrence
    • “Every Microsoft engineer and product planner should read it.” — Robert Scoble

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Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users (iOS app)

“More ppl should know about this app! *****”
by Cadeyrn
“Needless to say, it helped me out on a few things, like the battery tips. Before getting this app, my battery would usually run out before the end of the day, and of course that caused some trouble.”

“Should be on everyone’s iPhone *****”
by dbeebe
“Tony’s Tips for iPhone should be the first app a new user installs on their phone. The material is well organized, easy to understand, and very helpful.”


San Francisco Sounds (CD)
by the Flying Other Brothers

“Silicon Valley’s favorite four-car garage band” — the San Jose Mercury News

List of Published Works

  • Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users Manual (iPhone application)
  • iLife ‘11 For Dummies (Wiley), book
  • iPad Application Development For Dummies, with Neal Goldstein (Wiley), book
  • iPhone Application Development All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies, with Neal Goldstein (Wiley), book
  • iPod and iTunes For Dummies, 10th Ed. (Wiley), book
  • iPod touch For Dummies (Wiley), book
  • Macintosh iLife For Dummies (Wiley), book
  • Just Say No to Microsoft (No Starch Press), book
  • Estimated Charges (Flying Other Brothers), iTunes album
  • San Francisco Sounds (Flying Other Brothers), CD
  • iLife ‘04 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies (Wiley), book
  • iPod Companion (M&L Publishing), book
  • Rockument and Flying Other Brothers podcasts
  • Rockumentaries on the Beatles, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan (Rockument)
  • Essays on the history of rock music (Rockument)
  • Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties (Rockument), documentary CD-ROM
  • Macromedia Lingo Studio (Random House), book/CD-ROM
  • Official Macromedia Director Studio (Random House/Hypermedia), book/CD-ROM
  • Using Macromedia Director (The Voyager Co.), CD-ROM Expanded Book
  • Using MacroMind Director (Que)
  • Que’s Macintosh Multimedia Handbook (Que)
  • Inside Report on New Media (editor)
  • New Media magazine (editorial director/columnist)
  • Adobe Illustrator: The Official Handbook for Designers (Bantam/Random House)
  • Desktop Publishing with PageMaker (Wiley)
  • The Well-Connected Macintosh (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich)
  • Bove and Rhodes Inside Report (publisher/editor)
  • Publish! magazine (founder/columnist)
  • The Art of Desktop Publishing (Bantam)
  • Desktop Publishing magazine (founder/publisher/editor)
  • Portable Companion magazine (editor)
  • User’s Guide magazine (founder/publisher/editor)
  • CP/M User’s Guide (Baen Books/Simon & Schuster)
  • Free Software (Baen Books/Simon & Schuster)
  • InfoWorld’s Essential Guide to CP/M (Harper & Row)
  • WordStar Pocket Reference (Addison-Wesley)
  • TRS-80 Model III User’s Guide (Wiley)
  • CP/M Handbook (Sybex)




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