Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users

Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users


Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users was an iPhone app that is no longer offered

The app was an online manual about using the iPhone, by bestselling Dummies-series author Tony Bove. It provided a wealth of tips and instructions for using your iPhone with iTunes and iCloudFor a critical overview, see “Does the iPhone Need Help?” by David Needle in InternetNews.

Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users was first published in 2008, and it has kept pace with Apple’s software updates up to 2014.

I want to extend my thanks to all the customers who purchased it.





Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users — 6 Comments

  1. Tony. I am interested in buying an instructive book on iTunes 11.
    Your latest iTunes for Dummies, version 10, was published in March 2013, I’m advised.
    Is that book covering iTunes 11, please?

  2. My book, iPod and iTunes For Dummies 10th Edition, covers the newest version of iTunes — iTunes 11. The version I’m using right now is 11.0.2, and the material I wrote covers it. Thanks for considering my book.

  3. Tony, this may be too basic a question, but here goes: Would tips cover how to transfer the data on my iTouch 4 to my new iTouch 5? (OK, you guessed it; I’m near 70.)

    • If you first synchronized your iTouch 4 music, videos, apps, and other content with your iTunes library, and your contacts, calendars, bookmarks etc. with iCloud (or using iTunes with your browser, desktop contacts, and calendars applications), and your photos with iPhoto or a photo folder, you can simply synchronize your iTouch 5 to the same iTunes library for content, and iCloud (or your desktop applications through iTunes) for your contacts etc., and iPhoto or photo folder (through iTunes) for photos.

      If that’s not an option for some reason, most alternative solutions will copy your music, videos, podcasts and some data (contacts, calendars) to your computer (either to an iTunes library or just the files). You can then use iTunes to synch them with your iTouch 5. You can find these utilities at the bottom of this article:
      “Tips on Using iPod and iPhone Models”

  4. I have an iphone6s version9.3.1. I’m running version 64 bit itunes on a PC with no problems. Since I upgraded to Win10 iTunes will not recognize my iphone. Instead a window for “Phone Companion” pops up wanting me to sinc my phone with Win10. What’s going on? Thanks

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