Multimedia Production Summary

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Video and Multimedia Production

Deem: Manager, Publishing and Training

O’Reilly/Infinite Skills: Created Non-Programmers Guide To Building iOS Apps (DVD/video).

Rockument: Produced Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties documentary (CD-ROM and video).

Random House: Produced Macromedia Director interactive animation toolkit (CD-ROM).

Live Picture/LivePix (now Roxio): Communications Director: Corporate videos and CEO keynotes.

BEA (part of Oracle): Marketing Director: Corporate videos and keynotes.

MediaBand, Voyager Company: Web content, audio, and video.


Deem: Manager, Publishing and Training

  • Created and managed multilingual Help content for all products using wiki publishing platform.
  • Managed internal 30,000-page internal wiki.
  • Integrated Atlassian Confluence Wiki and Jira for software release notes.

Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users: Developed iPhone app and wiki publishing platform.

Rockument: Produced rock music history podcast.

Flying Other Brothers: Produced podcast, videos, and sound mixing for iTunes EP

Publisher: Desktop Publishing, User’s Guide, and Portable Companion magazines.

Multimedia Expertise

New Media Magazine and Macromedia User Journal: Editorial Director and Columnist

Author: Over 20 books, including:

  • iPod and iTunes for Dummies — 10 editions, Top 50
  • Adobe Illustrator Handbook for Designers — 9 editions, Top 50
  • iPad Application Development For Dummies
  • iLife for Dummies
  • The Art of Desktop Publishing

New Media Magazine, Macromedia User Journal: Publisher, Editorial Director and Columnist