What’s the New Mary Jane?

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She catch Patagonian pancakes
With that one and gin party makes
She having all the ways good contacts
She making with Apple and contract.
Beatles, “What’s the New Mary Jane” (Lennon/McCartney), one of the missing Beatles songs released in the Anthology series.

I started writing something like a Web diary way back in 1996, before the blogosphere existed, titled What’s the New Mary Jane. The last “blog entry” in Sept. 2003 told about how my band, the Flying Other Brothers, had started a mini-tour. Like Bob Dylan’s infamous Never Ending Tour (which lasted at least five years, give or take a year), our tour seems like it will never stop; unlike Bob’s tour, ours did not sell out venues and generate cash rewards. Like touring, blogging can also seem like an endless chore with no return. I suffered Blog Depression way back in 1997, and posted less and less over time until I gave it up entirely.

Until now. This is a continuation of What’s the New Mary Jane. I promise to not waste your time. I’ll write only about things that I think will interest you.

Welcome back, Maryjane. What’s new?



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