iTunes 7.1.1 Meets Vista Halfway

As reported before, iTunes has a problem with Vista. The new iTunes version 7.1.1., released last week, which packs a lot of new features, fixes some of these problems, but not all. As I report in my other blog (iTimes), iTunes has been updated to accommodate Apple TV and provide full-screen cover browsing; incidentally, it doesn’t slam MusicMatch Jukebox against the wall anymore (see “iTunes Meets its MusicMatch“). iTunes version 7.1.1 “addresses a stability issue and minor compatibility problems” according to Apple. Most of these related to Vista. Apple also released QuickTime 7.1.5 which delivers numerous bug fixes and addresses critical security issues.

So far there have been no reports of trouble with the iTunes 7.1 update, other than Vista problems. People are mostly thrilled by the full-screen CoverFlow feature for browsing by album covers. It doesn’t yet show the track information on the flip side of an album cover (as demonstrated by Steve Jobs on the iPhone — see “iPhone Tips Revealed in Videos” in my iTimes blog) — that feature may come with the release of Leopard in June. Apple TV preferences are included in version 7.1, and QuickTime includes a setting for exporting to Apple TV. See my overview of iTunes version 7.1.1. features for a blow-by-blow description of cover browsing, managing multiple libraries, and using other new features of iTunes 7.1.1.

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