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”Come on the amazing journey / And learn all you should know. ”
(Peter Townshend, The Who, Tommy).

I learned all of these tips while writing various books, including iPod and iTunes For Dummies and iLife ’11 For Dummies — and in my travels as a producer and musician.

tony_tips_blockad_workTony’s Tips for iPhone Users (discontinued): I originally developed this app to make it easy for iPhone users to browse a book’s worth of tips and tutorials about using the iPhone and using iTunes and iCloud. The app kept pace with Apple’s software upgrades — new tips appeared automatically — from 2008-2013.

Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users Manual is no longer available as an app. Its content, updated, will appear in the Tony’s Tips section of this site.

Tips on Using iPod and iPhone Models: Creating playlists, using VoiceOver and accessibility options, enabling an iPod as a storage device, setting up and deleting email accounts, and more.

Tips on Using iTunes: Create smart playlists, set volume levels, sound-check your library, and more.

iPod and iTunes For Dummies Bonus Chapters: Whether or not you purchased my book iPod and iTunes For Dummies, you can still take advantage of these bonus chapters:



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  1. iPod & iTunes:10th Edition page254. It describes how holding the shutter button and on release the shutter will click. When I press and hold the button it just continues to click and take pictures until release. You described the hold and release as a good way to keep the camera steady. I called Apl support and they said there is no such feature on my Ipod touch??

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