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Tony with his first consulting client, Adam Osborne (Osborne Computer), 1982

Knowledge management is the process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organizational knowledge. Its objective is to manage and maximize the intangible assets of organizations.

Knowledge management focuses on improving the performance of organizational learning and the sharing of lessons learned in order to improve a company’s competitive advantage and spur innovation. I work with companies to develop or improve knowledge management across the organization.

Deem: I managed the organization’s knowledge assets:

  • I designed the information architecture for a 50,000-page internal wiki to make the organization’s knowledge more easily searchable and navigable.
  • To boost user adoption, improve the customer experience, and reduce support and translation costs, I developed multilingual help content and instructional videos.
  • To scale site administration training to accommodate a fast-growing pipeline of new sites, I developed and managed the site administrator portal for reference guides, training, and release notes.
  • To drive culture change and focus on the customer and quality service, I improved the quality and consistency of writing in documentation across product lines.
  • To improve the performance of organizational learning, I developed wiki-based content management, software release processes, content workflows for Deem Offers e-commerce sites, and learning management workflows.

“In addition to writing, Tony develops writing standards, glossaries, and improves processes for ensuring consistency and quality. For example, he designed and implemented a better way to prepare generic and partner-specific release notes for multiple product lines, all running under their own release cadence. He delivers all of the release notes while also writing white papers and other materials on special topics and preparing responses to customer RFPs.” — Vice President, Program Engineering, Deem

“Tony has made complex products become self service for our customers. He has generated direct income by educating our prospects and he has earned the respect of the entire organization in doing so.” — Director of Product Management, Deem

PivotLink: I helped position PivotLink as a leader in self-service business intelligence solutions. I also helped the company relaunch its corporate website, and developed the information architecture and content for unique, segmented buyers.

“Tony Bove is a technologist and writer who ‘gets it’ and possesses the business savvy to make a real difference in an organization. I’d work with Tony in a New York minute if I needed something written right, tight and tonight.” — Director, Strategic Communications, PivotLink

SumTotal Systems: To establish SumTotal’s leadership in talent management and organizational learning, and increase revenue and market share, I developed corporate and product messaging, Web content, data sheets, and customer case studies.

“Tony is an excellent writer who can dive deep into the technical aspects of a product or solution and articulate its business value. He created the messages for many of my branding projects, collaborating with team members and meeting tight schedules, and made extremely important contributions to both the process and the content of these projects.” — Senior Director, Marketing, SumTotal Systems

Sun Microsystems: To improve the company’s competitive advantage and the sharing of lessons learned, I created and managed a customer case study and reference program.

“Tony is an extremely capable writer for customer success stories. When we suddenly needed him to step in as a customer reference manager, he rose to the task and did an excellent job. His experience in the industry, in technical subjects, and in customer reference work helped us immensely.” — Program Manager, Sun Microsystems

BEA (now part of Oracle): I developed content management, web site content, and a sales portal for a highly successful rebranding campaign to assert BEA’s leadership as the premier provider of e-commerce solutions, which greatly contributed to a 61% increase in BEA revenues in 2000. I also increased effectiveness of sales efforts by developing BEA’s first customer reference program.

“Tony is an extraordinary writer in general, and a particularly strong marketing writer for high-tech products and companies. Prolific, and yet meticulous with details, he’s among the best writers I’ve worked with in my long career.” — Sr. Director, Corporate Messaging, BEA

Thought Leadership

I write powerful messages that speak directly to an organization’s intended audiences, clearly state its vision and benefits, and generate enthusiasm and engagement. I work with companies to develop or improve thought leadership, corporate and product messaging, branding, communications strategies, PR, and customer reference programs in order to increase sales performance and market share.

Thought leadership requires a spirit of generosity in sharing your company’s vision with the press and analysts, and providing highly useful information for potential customers (rather than sales pitches). To be a thought leader, your company must be recognized by the outside world as having deep insight into its customers’ problems and the broader marketplace. A thought leader must demonstrate — in its product message, its white papers, its web content, and its press releases — that it truly understands and cares about the problems that customers are trying to solve.

“Tony Bove did outstanding work to help us arrive at a clear message for our company and articulate that message in white papers, advertising, and Web content. Tony went above and beyond what we asked of him — he knew what we needed better than we did! I would recommend Tony for any organization that needs to refine and articulate its high-level and product messages for marketing campaigns.” — Chief Executive Officer, Steep Hill Lab

Deem: In addition to managing publishing and training, I wrote a thought leadership article to position Deem as the leader in syndicated commerce for Deem Ground Business Manager Amy Harris: “Syndicated Commerce & the New Mobile Concierge” (Chauffeur Driven Magazine).

“Tony creates interesting and easily understood publications that drive interest and engagement.” — Director of Product Management, Deem

BEA (now part of Oracle): To help establish BEA’s thought leadership in enterprise innovation, services-oriented architecture (SOA), business process management (BPM), and Web 2.0 social computing technologies, I developed a new messaging plan, wrote white papers, and helped produce an audio-visual microsite on Dynamic Business Applications.

White Paper: Innovating with Dynamic Business Applications

“Tony is one of the few people I have worked with who can convey both the business value as well as technical value in a way that is easy to understand. I strongly recommend him and would love to work with him again in the future.” — Product Marketing Manager, BEA

The cornerstone of effective sales and marketing is a powerful, clear, concise and distinct message of the value of your products or services. Satisfied customers willing to serve as references for your new prospects often make the difference between winning and losing the sale.

McAfee: I developed  product messaging, site content, and solution briefs that promoted the value of McAfee’s security for virtual environments and increased the company’s market share.

Adobe: I developed highly influential messaging for the successful Adobe LiveCycle and Intelligent Document Platform product launches.

FileMaker: I developed editorial reviewer materials for the highly successful Bento for iPhone product launch.





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  1. I have a great iTunes library–growing up near Detroit in the late 50’s and 60’s–the music I heard here was fascinating and life changing–OH, Yeah! My question is, can I access my iTunes library from my friend’s computer? Once you register your ipod to your computer, can you only “do” iTunes from those 2 units? I want my dad, from his computer, to have the playlists I’ve created, and I can’t find out if it’s even possible. Thank you. Jammin’ Jane

    • One of the reasons why you can’t directly access your iTunes library on another computer is the music industry’s insistence on copyright protection, even though the music files can be easily transferred from one computer to another and played on both. If the other computer is NOT on your Wi-Fi network, you have to copy the music files to the other computer and recreate the playlists. If the computer IS on the same Wi-Fi network, you can use Home Sharing. Home Sharing in iTunes lets you share your iTunes media libraries between up to five computers in your household. You can find this option by choosing Preferences and clicking on the Sharing tab.

  2. This my second attempt to send an email. Getting to my problem, after many years with an iPod Classic sitting in its box collecting dust, I am ready to use it. At the Apple store, I was told that the first thing I need to do is place iTunes onto the iPod classic and then place songs from my CD collection onto a PC. So, which edition of your iPod and iTunes for Dummies books would be the most helpful to use with an iPod Classic? I see the current edition is the 10th pub March 2013.

  3. The 10th edition covers the iPod Classic. I also cover many iPod Classic-related topics in this web site under the Tony’s Tips tab at the top of the page.

  4. Late in 2015, I acquired the 10th edition of your “Dummy” book on the subject of iPods & iTunes. It is helpful and goes into great detail about all the types of iPods. I like the way you clarify how to use an iPod within its pages by the type of iPod. I have the iPod classic so I am able to skip over sections for iPod touch or shuffle etc.

  5. Hey Tony:

    At the very beginning and the very end of Part ! of the cd Haight Ashbury:
    there is a song playing which I would like to have a copy of.

    Can you please email me a link or a file?
    I presume it is by your group the Flying Other Brothers….

    anyway, thanks…i really like the song, it reminds me of the dance hall music
    that started it all in 1965/66


    • Thanks for your kind compliments! I’m especially honored to have my harmonica playing be thought of as Paul Butterfield!

      The song at the beginning is a jam by the Flying Other Brothers, including G.E. Smith on guitar, that eventually leads into a Dylan song (not in the movie soundtrack). The song at the end is a live version of one of my own, called “Blip in the Life”, which is available in studio form on the Flying Other Brothers CD “San Francisco Sounds” available from Amazon. Neither of the live versions have ever been released, except as part of this movie.

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