Content Strategist

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  • White papers, marketing content, and product literature
  • Guides, tutorials, help content, and “Dummies” books for users, developers, and media professionals
  • Proven ability to manage media production, including online, video, presentations, and print
  • Accomplished, self-motivated writer with a strong aptitude for articulating a technology’s value
  • Recent clients: Google, Electronic Arts, Adobe, Deem, Check Point, Armis, McAfee


Freelance Writer:

Senior Technical Writer and Content Strategist, Expert Support at Google: 

  • Angular team: Framework for JavaScript/TypeScript applications with HTML templates
  • Assistant team: External quick-start guides for Assistant partners, and internal documentation for Assistant feature development, natural-language understanding, and machine learning
  • Ads: Quick-start guides for partner integration with Google Ads
  • Dev training: Fundamental and Advanced courses for Android app development

Technical Publishing and Training Manager, Deem:

  • Multilingual user help content and videos for travel-industry professionals
  • Administrator portal and API reference guides for travel-industry developers
  • Organization-wide learning

Book Author, Video Producer, and App Developer:

  • iPad App Development For Dummies (book) and Non-Programmers Guide To Building iOS Apps (DVD/video)
  • Multiple editions of iPod and iTunes for Dummies, iLife for Dummies, and Adobe Illustrator: The Official Handbook for Designers — consistently in the Top 50 of Computer Books
  • Critical acclaim for groundbreaking books such as Just Say No To Microsoft (2005), The Well-Connected Macintosh (1988), and The Art of Desktop Publishing (1986)
  • Tony’s Tips for iPhone Users iPhone app

Previous Positions:

  • Marketing Director, BEA
  • Communications Manager: Live Picture (LivePix)
  • CD-ROM Producer: Haight-Ashbury in the Sixties and Macromedia Director (Random House)
  • Editorial Director: NewMedia magazine, Publish! magazine
  • Editor: Desktop Publishing magazine, Macromedia User Journal, Inside Report on New Media
  • Columnist: Computer Currents magazine, Prodigy (online), The Well (online), The Chicago Tribune, PC Computing magazine, MacUser magazine, Macintosh Today magazine
  • Senior Technical Writer: Intel, Data General


  • “One of the most interesting overviews of modern desktop computing history that’s ever been written… possibly a watershed event.” John Dvorak on Just Say No to Microsoft
  • “Every Microsoft engineer and product planner should read it.” Robert Scoble, blogger and former Microsoft Technical Evangelist, on Just Say No to Microsoft
  • “Near genius at making complex ideas understandable.” Jerry Pournelle